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AI Industrial Analytics Blog

This is the place to gain the crucial knowledge you need to turn your industrial company into a smart operation, predict upcoming machine failures, increase production up-time, and save tens of millions of dollars a year.

All of that is possible thanks to Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution.

In this blog, we’ll cover anything from Industry 4.0 developments to practical tips to help you manage your operation more efficiently and profitably in this new, exciting environment.

This repository will become a valuable toolkit to help you turn your machine fleets and production lines into modern, efficient and smoothly running operations.

Feature Article

The Future of Maintenance 4.0
A look at the Future of Maintenance 4.0 in 2019 and beyond. Read more.
O&M Research Update: Maintenance 4.0 Planning Capabilities
Research on O&M views on Maintenance 4.0 planning processes.
Read more.
O&M Research Update: The Maturity of Maintenance 4.0 Strategies
Research on O&M views on Maintenance 4.0 strategic planning.
Read more.
Role of the OEM
Infographic: Research on OEM’s and Industry 4.0
Emory University and Presenso surveyed 123 O&M, OEM and service provider employees on the topic of Maintenance 4.0.  The objective of this research is to understand Read more.
Maintenance 4.0
Infographic: Maintenance 4.0 Research
Maintenance 4.0 Research Infographic Read more.
Oil and Gas
How to Scale Industry 4.0-Based Predictive Maintenance for Oil and Gas Operators
How to Scale Machine Learning PdM for the Oil and Gas Industry Read more.