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AI Industrial Analytics Blog

This is the place to gain the crucial knowledge you need to turn your industrial company into a smart operation, predict upcoming machine failures, increase production up-time, and save tens of millions of dollars a year.

All of that is possible thanks to Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution.

In this blog, we’ll cover anything from Industry 4.0 developments to practical tips to help you manage your operation more efficiently and profitably in this new, exciting environment.

This repository will become a valuable toolkit to help you turn your machine fleets and production lines into modern, efficient and smoothly running operations.

Feature Article

Cloud versus On-Premise for Industrial Analytics
Consideration of cloud versus on premises deployment of Machine Learning for PdM. Read more.
Top Industrial IoT Vendors You Should Know
There are the large number of solutions providers in the Industrial IoT category and buyers struggle to find information on
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Will IIoT Result in a Shift from Downtime Dollar Savings to Uptime Revenue Generation
How does Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance impact factory asset downtime dollars cost savings, uptime revenue and process reliability?
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Is the Digital Twin Already a Legacy System?
The Digital Twin may be considered a legacy system when compared with other more advanced technologies in the Machine Learning
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Five Risks for Designing the Smart Factory
Five risks for designing the smart factory. Read more.
Machine Learning blog
An Agile Framework for Getting Value from Big Data
An agile framework for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance Read more.
Machine Failure
Why Taking the Human Out of the Equation is Essential for True Predictive Maintenance
Taking the human out of the equation for true predictive maintenance Read more.
How To Save Billions of Dollars When Machines Take Over
Why the traditional factory’s reactive maintenance will keep costing you billions of dollars. Read more.