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AI Industrial Analytics Blog

This is the place to gain the crucial knowledge you need to turn your industrial company into a smart operation, predict upcoming machine failures, increase production up-time, and save tens of millions of dollars a year.

All of that is possible thanks to Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution.

In this blog, we’ll cover anything from Industry 4.0 developments to practical tips to help you manage your operation more efficiently and profitably in this new, exciting environment.

This repository will become a valuable toolkit to help you turn your machine fleets and production lines into modern, efficient and smoothly running operations.

Feature Article

EDP Invests in Presenso, Machine Learning-based Predictive Maintenance Solution Provider
EDP Ventures, the Venture Capital arm of EDP has decided to invest in Presenso, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence driven Predictive Maintenance for industrial Read more.
How the Anna Karenina Principle Applies to Predictive Asset Maintenance
How the Anna Karenina principle applies to Big Data and IoT Predictive Maintenance.
Read more.
Infographic: The Future of Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance
Infographic depicting the Emory research project on the Future of IIoT Predictive Maintenance
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Presenso in the News! Summary of Recent Press and Trade Industry Coverage
Recent coverage of Presenso in trade publication, general media and analyst reports.
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How does IIoT for Predictive Asset Maintenance Apply to Wind Farms?
IIoT for Predictive Asset Maintenance has generated significant interest in the wind farm industry.  The following is a summary of topics covered in our recent Read more.
Can you acquire Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance Solution without risking your business? (Part 1)
Can you acquire a Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance solution without risking your business? Read more.
Maintenance 4.0
Will Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance Kill Statistical Modelling and MTBF?
Could Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0 could end statistical modeling and MTBF? Read more.
Speciality Chemicals Magazine article by Eitan Vesely: Convergence of IT and OT in the chemical processing industry
Eitan Vesely recently authored an article covering the convergence of IT and OT in the chemical processing industry. Below are highlights of the article: The Read more.
Infographic: Requirements for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Infographic: functional and non-functional requirements for Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance solution. Read more.