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Many industrial plants are committed to Maintenance 4.0 but cannot move beyond  “PoC Purgatory.”  We’ve provided guidance in an article titled How to Scale Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Solutions.  This Infographic is another helpful tool that can be used for industrial plants struggling with deploying Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance solutions. Framework to Scale Machine Learning for PdM.

How to Scale PdM 4.0

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Avi Nowitz

Avi Nowitz

Avi Nowitz writes about the financial impact of Machine Learning on the industrial sector. Avi started his career on Wall Street as an equity analyst, providing institutional investor research on manufacturing companies. After completing his MBA in Finance from New York University, he joined the consulting division of Peppers and Rogers Group where his international clients included Bertelsmann, Ford Motor Company and Doğuş Holdings. For more than a decade, Avi led the Microsoft Consulting Practice at New Age Media and managed the execution of initiatives in EMEA and APAC.